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Whether you are an architect, designer home builder, or general contractor, James Jollay Photography is here to help. I provide architectural and interior photography services to suit your needs.

Overall View | Marilyn Lusch Interiors -

Overall View | Marilyn Lusch Interiors -

Visual Communication

Closeup View | Marilyn Lusch Interiors -

Closeup View | Marilyn Lusch Interiors -

Photography is more than simply recording a scene, photography is in fact a form of communication.

When working with clients, I strive to tell their story. That way they can better communicate with their clients exactly what their vision is or what unique abilities they offer. 


Before starting a project I take the time to learn and understand my client's needs. While this step is obviously critical to the end results, I don't consider it work. Learning about my client's craft is something I enjoy very much and it ultimately helps me provide them with exactly what they need . 

The collaboration process starts by either meeting in person or via a phone call. We discuss the goals and requirements as well as the details and logistics prior to the shoot.

During the shoot, if necessary or desired, the collaboration continues. A laptop will be tethered to the camera in order for the client to see the photographs as they are taken. This allows us to fine tune each photograph in order to get a perfect image every time.

The Technical Side

If you have ever tried to photograph interiors or architecture you probably know just how difficult it is to make a nice photograph. Even if you own a professional camera, that won't necessarily get you consistently good results.

Architectural and interior photography not only requires knowledge and experience but also the proper tools to achieve consistently good results. From the beginning, color calibration tools are used to ensure that what you see is what you get. Multiple lights along with lighting modifiers are used when necessary to brighten rooms while still maintaining a natural look. Also, a variety of lenses are available to accommodate the most difficult situations.

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Oki Sushi - 1551 S. Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446

Oki Sushi - 1551 S. Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446

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