Business Headshots

At James Jollay Photography we take portraits and headshots seriously, but that doesn't mean the photos will give off a stiff or uptight vibe.


Understanding Your Goals

Before making a single photograph I like to take the time to understand why a client needs a headshot and how they plan on using it. That way I can be sure the images I create will suit the client's needs and expectations.    

No Cookie-cutter Setup Here

If you have ever had your portrait made at a big retail store you may have noticed that all of the equipment is permanently installed in it's location. This means the lighting rarely flatters the subject. Because we all look different one lighting setup will not suit everyone.

To ensure the most flattering photographs of my clients, I create a custom lighting setup for each person.  

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Helping You Relax

Nervous about having your portrait taken? You're not alone.

I understand how vulnerable  some people feel when having their portrait taken and it's my job to help you relax. Not only will I work hard to ensure you are comfortable, I will also guide you through the posing process to ensure you look your best.

On-site Hair, Makeup and Grooming Available

Headshots are an investment and in most cases they will last you several years.  To make the most of your session a professional makeup artists is available in the studio.

Professional makeup artists understand how studio lighting affects makeup. They will take the necessary steps to ensure that your makeup is beautifully done without shiny spots from the studio lights.

Makeup by  JazminRae Makeup

Schedule Your Session 

Send an email to or fill out the form on the Contact page to arrange a meeting  or request a phone call. 

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