Why Quality Photographs Matter

You are proud of what you and your team have accomplished, your client is thrilled with the results, and of course you want to show the world just how great your latest project turned out. Your first thought is to grab your mobile phone and take a photo so you can quickly post it to your website and social media accounts. But before you do, put the phone down and hear me out.

Professional before & after photos showcasing the work done by Sign Trade Pro Plus.

Left – The sign originally had fluorescent lighting that wasn't working properly.
Right – LED lighting was installed and the difference is clear. Not only does LED lighting look much better, it's also brighter, it lasts much longer, and costs significantly less money to operate.

Presenting your work in the best possible way is critical to maintaining your professional image. You’ve spent hours, weeks, or maybe even months on your latest project, so why rush into taking photographs that may not show all that you have to offer? You shouldn't have to tell people “You really need to see it for yourself, the pictures don’t do it justice”. The pictures should do it justice.

When you decide you want to take photos of your latest project is’t because you want to communicate with people. You want to use the photographs to tell people “This is what I can do.” or “This is the service I provide.” But what if the viewers can’t see what you’re trying to convey? It’s very likely they will become frustrated and look elsewhere, only to remember your company as not having whatever it was that they needed. 

Professional photography isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment. It has the potential to attract new customers, bring back old customers and, in the end, generate more revenue for your business. In today’s overly saturated world of mobile phone snapshots, having professional photographs will help your company stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd.

So before you take another photo with your mobile phone, consider using that phone to reach out to a professional photographer so that they can provide you with the quality your company needs too look it’s best.

Featured Client: Sign Trade Pro Plus

"When a potential customer looks at your business, what do they see?
Our services include illuminated signs, including signs made from neon and LED. We also provide electric sign repair, LED retrofit, wide format printing, custom fabrication, installation services, vehicle wraps, display hardware, and a whole lot more.
We serve business locations within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA."

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