Beauty Photography

Beauty photography is a new genre for me, and one that I'm passionate about pursuing.  

Makeup by  Sofia Serrano

Makeup by Sofia Serrano

 The Processes

Nearly every project I work on requires collaboration and that process is something I really enjoy.

Starting with a mood board we discuss the look, feel and goals for the shoot. While on the set, I work with the makeup artist, hair stylist and model to ensure that everyone is happy with the resulting photographs. I shoot tethered to a computer so everyone can see the images in real time and make the necessary adjustments.

While we do work hard to make beautiful images, we also work hard to have a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable environment on set. I personally believe that if stress enters the set, then it will show in the photographs, which isn't acceptable. 


For me, beauty isn't just perfect skin and great features. I believe that beauty comes from the emotion conveyed from the model to the viewer of the photograph. Not to say that the hard work of the makeup artist and hair stylist isn't necessary—it absolutely is—I just believe that there is more to beauty than the surface of the skin.

My ultimate goal is to create a photograph that evokes emotion, an image that will hopefully be timeless in it's appeal. I strive to keep things simple when creating beauty photography. I want the focus to be on the model, never the lighting, which is why I tend to keep the lighting simple.

Retouching — Where I Draw The Line

During post production I also try to keep things simple. You will notice that my style is clean, and while my images are retouched, the retouching is kept to a minimum. I absolutely refuse to change the shape of a person's body as I believe it's wrong. I also believe that we are doing tremendous damage to young girls growing up today that don't understand just how manipulated many photographs are. This damage can be both mental and physical, and it's incredibly sad to say the least. 

Work With Me 

Send an email to or fill out the form on the Contact page to arrange a meeting  or request a phone call. 

Makeup by  Maurie Davidson

Makeup by Maurie Davidson

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